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ERIC GOSSELIN (@ErockGasoline): Eric originally hails from Portland, ME where he was part of the notorious group of meddling kids known by the town as "The Undesirables". Wearing mostly JNCO jeans and donning frosted tips, Eric trudged through his early teens only appearing like a ruffian, but was actually quite respectful of the law. In his later teen years, Eric spent most of his time at Emerson College in Boston, MA, where he discovered his inner-punk and expressed this part of his soul via music and low/no-budget independent films. Eric's teen years passed away on August 30, 2002.

JON WIENER (@CrayonWayans): Jon grew up in Cranford, NJ, which is a suburb of New York City. Spending most of his early-teen days causing innocent trouble, Jon could mostly be spotted in oversized Van Halen t-shirts at CD stores or quoting the raunchiest lyrics from his favorite songs by The Offspring. As he grew older and the Gin Blossoms grew in popularity, Jon traded his devil-may-care attitude and affinity for pogs in for some classic New Jersey charm and vintage guitars. Jon brought his later teen years first to the University of Hartford, and wrapped them up at Temple University in Philadelphia. His teens came to an abrupt end on March 9, 2003.